BBBEE Consulting and Transformation

Ayers Consult, as legal and transformation advisors, offer comprehensive BEE solutions to corporate clients in every sector across South Africa.

Our legal and BEE knowledge and experience offers a unique and rare skill-set, which benefits our clients during all phases of the transformation process.

Legal Advisor, Arnel Ayers, was one of the first transformation practitioners in the country, she has personally assisted more than 1000 business entities, country wide, since the inception of the Broad Based Black Economic Act of 2003.


Workshop Training


Labour Law & BBBEE Workshops

Ayers Consult undertake Labour Law and BBBEE workshops on a regular basis covering a variety of different topics.
We listen to our clients’ needs and cater accordingly.  Please feel free to contact us to request and arrange a specific workshop/training session.



Employment Equity Act – Affirmation Action Policy found unlawful

"What this report is effectively saying, is that the Affirmative Action policy, is unlawful, not only measured by international standards, but by our very own Constitution."

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Modified Flow Through Principle

The Modified Flow Through Principle allows us to increase the level of Black Ownership in an entity from 51% to 100%.  A measured entity’s ownership percentage will therefore be enhanced by incorporating a new company, and holding the BEE shares in that company.

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Youth Employment Service (Y.E.S) Initiative

The aim is to try and lower the unemployment rate amongst the youth of South Africa, by encouraging business entities to employ from this sector of the population, with the lure of increased BEE recognition. 

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