Employment Equity Implementation

We assist with the development of an Employment Equity Plan, the steering Committee and the relative reporting thereof to the Department of Labour.

There are still many business owners blissfully unaware that they are required to adhere to Employment Equity legislation, and only become aware upon a surprise visit from a Department of Labour inspector, or when they are not awarded points in their BBBEE Scorecard. 

These are less than ideal circumstances to become aware of a problem.

The rule is, when a business employs more than 50 employees, or if they employ less than 50 employees, but whose turnover exceeds the thresholds per industry as specified by the Employment Equity legislation, then, such business needs to comply herewith.

We conduct an analysis of the client’s workforce profile, correctly classify employees, and identify over and under representation in each category on the road to Employment Equity.

We assist the client with the preparation of their Employment Equity Strategic Document, to be alligned with the BBBEE Strategic Document and Training programs.  We futher assist in the establishment of the Employment Equity committee and assist client with the statutory reporting.