Labour Law Services

We offer the following services:

Chair Disciplinary Hearings
Labour Law Compliance
Labour Law workshops
CCMA representation

Chair Disciplinary Hearings

Our labour specialists are both skilled and objective in chairing disciplinary hearings, ensuring a fair outcome for both the employer and employee.  

Labour Law Compliance

We assist Employers with a hands-on approach in assisting with procedural and substantive fairness issues relating to dismissals for misconduct and incapacity.

We further assist and guide with the drafting of the required policies to be in place in order to ensure compliance with Labour Law requirements.

Labour Law Workshops

In order to ensure that the Employer is aware of what is required of him at a disciplinary hearing, we present workshops in preparation thereof.  This is the ideal workshop for supervisors and managers to attend, as we equip them with the know-how on drafting a notice to attend a disciplinary hearing, conducting an investigation, preparing for a disciplinary hearing, and then acting as an initiator at such hearing.

CCMA Representation

Where legal representation is prohibited, we fully assist our client to prepare for conciliation/arbitration, and provide our support and advice throughout the process.