Labour Law & BBBEE Workshops

Ayers Consult undertake Labour Law and BBBEE workshops on a regular basis covering a variety of different topics.

BBEE Workshops

We present workshops a regular basisi, on either an introduction to the Amended Codes, a specific Sector Code, or on practically preparing for an element of the scorecard. 

These workshops are held upon request from clients at their premises, or as a general session at a location selected by our offices.  

Labour Law Workshops

In order to ensure that the Employer is aware of what is required of him in a disciplinary hearing, we present workshops in preparation thereof. 

This is the ideal workshop for supervisors and managers to attend, as we equip them with the know-how on drafting a notice to attend a disciplinary hearing, conducting an investigation, preparing for a disciplinary hearing, and then acting as an initiator at such hearing.

We listen to our clients’ needs and cater accordingly. 
Please feel free to contact us to request and arrange a specific workshop/training session.